High scores working again

There has been an issue recently where the game would crash when viewing high scores. A temporary fix has been put in, and and update will be released soon to permanently fix the issue. In the meantime, no high scores should have been lost.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience!

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Swipy Man 2 feedback

Swipy Man 2 has been available for a week or so now, finally with a global high scores list to pit yourself against the other swipy man players in the world.

So far the release has had a mixed reception. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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Swipy Man Plus in pre-release

After many months in production, the new versions of Swipy man are almost ready to see the light of day. Swipy Man Plus will be available first. Check out the icon below, and look for the application in the marketplace soon!

Swipy Man world 1 icon

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Swipy Man 2 beta

In the next week, a beta version of swipy man plus (the version without ads) will be released. The update stays true to the original gameplay, but makes the whole experience more fun and engaging.

If you are interested in playing it early and providing feedback about it, send us an email: swipygames(at)gmail.com

Swipy man levels

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More Swipy man!

After a brief time away, Swipy Man is getting another update soon! There are a few key additions (read: global high scores) as well as a few fun ones.

Screenshots to follow!

Let us know in the comments what you would like to see in the next version!

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How to use classic mode in version 1.3

A few people installing the latest update have been sad that the old theme is gone. Actually, it’s not! When you click on “play game”, click on “Theme:”

Let me know what you think about the latest update in the comments here! As always, feedback is much appreciated!

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Swipy Man High Scores!

Currently there is no global high scores list in Swipy Man, so post your score here so the world knows how much time you’ve wasted! Make sure to include the difficulty it was on.

Mine is 3701 on easy.

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